Carson: ‘Hatred and Division’ ‘Having a Field Day’ Because They Aren’t Resisted

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson argued “the purveyors of hatred and division” are “having a field day in our society” in part because “we are not resisting them” on Tuesday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Carson said, [relevant exchange begins around 6:10] “Why are the purveyors of hatred and division having a field day in our society? I think some of it comes from the fact that we are not resisting them. And our positions of leadership, in some cases, we actually play into the hands of the purveyors of division, rather than pointing out what we all have in common. And that’s something that I think the bully pulpit is particularly useful for doing.”

Carson added that the bully pulpit is “not a solution, but it helps tremendously. And, you know, we have to make it very clear to the American people, that we are not each other’s enemies. And just because somebody happens to disagree with you about something, doesn’t mean that they become your mortal enemy, and that you should try to destroy them, and destroy their life, and destroy their family. Where did this kind of stuff come from? Obviously, it does not come from anybody who’s interested in strengthening our country.”

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