WATCH: First Trailer for R-Rated Superhero Movie ‘Deadpool’

After giving comic book fans a taste at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, Marvel finally released the first trailer for the highly-anticipated R-rated superhero movie Deadpool this week.

Ryan Reynolds stars in the violent, seamy superhero pic as Wade Wilson, a mercenary who gains accelerated healing powers after undergoing an experiment and becomes the take-no-prisoners, anti-hero Deadpool.

Producer Simon Kinberg explained the nature of the film in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly: “Deadpool is a hard R. It’s graphic. Nothing is taboo. You either commit to a truly outrageous boundary-pushing kind of movie or you don’t.”

T.J. Miller and Gina Carano also star. Deadpool was directed by first-timer Tim Miller off a script from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Zombieland).

The movie’s green-band (approved) trailer is above. But you can also check out the red-band (restricted) trailer below (NSFW).

Deadpool hits theaters February 12.