Levin Slams ESPN for Schilling Suspension Over Tweet Comparing Muslim Terrorists to Nazis: ‘ESPN Is a Joke!’

Mark Levin opened his Tuesday show by ripping into ESPN for suspending former MLB pitcher and now ESPN MLB analyst Curt Schilling for tweeting out a picture comparing Muslim terrorists to German Nazis.

While blasting ESPN, Levin pointed out that radical Muslims are indeed like the Nazis, “Do these clowns at ESPN give a damn about the Christians being raped and slaughtered and beheaded and the other Muslims being raped and slaughtered and beheaded?”

“ESPN is a joke,” Levin proclaimed because ESPN gave Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner a courage award for trying to become a woman, as well as for ignoring what is going on overseas by radical Muslims, which is the same as what Nazis did, and instead acting compassionate.

(h/t TheRightScoop)

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