Dem Rep Schiff: Paris Attack Due to ‘Failure’ of Campaign Against ISIS

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the Paris terror attack is a direct result of Obama administration’s coalition against ISIS failing to stop ISIS from having a “sanctuary” in Syria and Iraq in which to plan attacks.

Schiff, said, “Well, this was an ISIS attack likely directed out of Syria. We have seen that France for a number of reasons has been the primary focus of external plotting for ISIS for the past year, so there have been multiple plots. they have wanted to attack in public places like we saw so tragically this week, And I think the reality is even the best intelligence will not stop a determined enemy that adapts to our defenses and ISIS has adapted. ”

He continued, “Well, I think the implications are this is not just an intelligence failure. It’s a failure also of a coalition campaign because we have allowed ISIS to have sanctuary in Syria and Iraq with too much time to plan and plot, too much resources to be directed against us. And unless that changes strategically, we can expect more attacks like this. We are a harder target, a harder target to reach, but we know that ISIS aspires to attack us here in the United States as well. ”

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