Fiorina Calls Out George Stephanopoulos on Debate Exclusion: ‘The Game Is Rigged’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina protested the decision of the Republican National Committee and ABC News to exclude her from Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate.

Fiorina questioned the wisdom of leaving out someone that finished ahead of several other candidates in the Iowa caucuses earlier in the week and suggested ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos could be tied to their decision when declaring the game to be “rigged.”

“You know it is interesting. I don’t know what ABC and the RNC are going to do. I know there were certain candidates lobbying hard at ABC and RNC to keep me off the stage,” Fiorina said. “I think they are afraid to debate, I don’t know how they’ll defeat Hillary Clinton if they can’t even debate me. So I have no idea. But here’s what I’m going to keep saying to the people of this nation but in particular right now to the people of New Hampshire. The game is rigged. Power is being taken away from you day after day. It’s why I’m running. We have to restore citizen government. And what this debate debacle shows is that votes and delegates don’t matter that much anymore. What matters are backroom deals between RNC and the ABC about who will get on. This is George Stephanopoulos’ network after all. So maybe George doesn’t want to see Hillary Clinton ever have to debate. But it’s a rigged deal. It’s a backroom deal and meanwhile, I think, the voters of New Hampshire believe that it’s their job to pick presidents, vet candidates and win on the field so I’m going to keep talking for them.”

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