Bernie Goldberg: Media Are Going ‘Too Easy’ on Trump

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” Fox News media analyst Bernard Goldberg said while there are some examples of the media aggressively gong after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, “by and large they have been too easy on him.”

When  asked if the media in unfair to Trump, Goldberg said, “Sometimes they are, but it sounds like whining to me. Look it is unfair when the biggest tabloid in the United States of America The Daily News in New York runs a front page cover showing Donald Trump as a clown. That is not even in the ballpark of serious journalism. So he’s right when they do that He is right when they portray his supporters as dummies and morons.”

He continued, “But the media let Donald Trump get away with all sorts of stuff. I’ll give you some examples. In the South Carolina debate he famously said they lied. He said there were no weapons of mass destruction and they knew there were none. And 12 hours later — not 12 years later — 12 hours later, on the Sunday talk shows, he says, ‘I said maybe there were lies. Was it a lie? Who knows.’ In my hard news days, I would have hammered him on that and I would say no, you’re lying. And then a while back, he sent investigator ones to Hawaii to check on Barack Obama’s birth records and you will not believe what they are finding? Really? What were they finding? No one is holding him accountable. Yes, sometimes the media is unfair, but the bigger concern from my point of view, too often they let him get away with stuff they would not let another politician get away with.”

He added, “The serious point is, it is not good when journalist accept crazy things and write it off, as well that is Donald Trump. So Donald Trump can complain all he wants about the media being unfair and he will have examples to back him up. But by and large they have been too easy on him as far as I am concerned.”

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