Watch: Judge Jeanine Blasts Hillary Clinton in Opening Statement

On Saturday’s “Justice” on Fox News Channel, host Judge Jeanine Pirro held nothing back in a scathing opening statement directed at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who Pirro said will not be able to win the election due to her dishonesty in hiding transcripts and emails, and doing the opposite of what she says.

Partial transcript as follows:

“Hillary, why would you take money from Wall Street and the big banks when you say they need to be crushed in order to help the little man? Why would your campaign take tens of millions of dollars from Super PACs when you’re supposedly against them? And, Hillary, why would you take contributions from big oil lobbyists when you’re supposedly in favor of green energy? Why would you personally pocket outrageous sums of money for speeches on Wall Street? By the way, whatever happened to the first amendment? You know, that thing about free speech? And what exactly, Hillary, did you say in those Wall Street speeches that only you can release for which you made hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Now, the socialist and the moderators say, ‘Give us the transcripts, Hillary.’ Just to be clear, you have the transcripts, Hillary, unless of course you deleted them, along with your yoga schedule in that pesky e-mail cover-up thing. Now, when she repeatedly was asked to release what she said behind those doors, she pivots, then she ignores the question, then she changes the subject and then out of nowhere says, ‘Well, make Bernie release his tax returns.’ Hillary, nobody cares about Bernie’s tax returns. But, within 24 hours he releases them. But don’t expect those Hillary speech transcripts any time soon, folks. Her next pivot is ‘I will release those Wall Street transcripts when everyone else does in both parties.’ That’s like saying, ‘I will disclose my offshore accounts when everyone else does except no one else has an offshore account’ or, ‘I’ll take you for a ride in my Rolls-Royce when everyone else does except no one else has a Rolls.'”

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