Sanders on IG Report: Dems and Delegates Are Going to Have to Take a Hard Look at It

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” in commenting on the State Department inspector general’s report that found Hillary Clinton violated the agency rules by using a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said the IG report was  “something that the American people, Democrats and delegates are going to have that take a hard look at.”

Partial transcript as fallows:

DICKERSON: I want to ask you about the developments on Hillary Clinton e-mails because you’ve said that you are sick of hearing about them, now inspector general’s report new developments have now come out. I wonder if you still have the same feeling about those e-mails now that official body weighed in about her e-mails and her behavior.

SANDERS: Well I’m just in Santa Barbara, we had rally with 6,000 people half hour ago. The issues that I have been talking about are the issues that really are the issues  the American people. Why the middle class is declining. Why kids are leaving school $50,000 , &70,000 dollars in in debt, and to expand social security. Those are the issues, frankly what I think is that people in the democratic process want real debate about the real issues. You’re right, inspector general just came out with a report, it was not a good report. But that is something that the American people, Democrats and delegates are going to have that take a hard look at. But for me right now I continue to focus on how we can rebuild an disappearing middle class, deal with poverty, guarantee healthcare to all of our people as a right.

DICKERSON: That’s why I wanted to ask you, to get to the issues and covered the way you like you have to be named president. I wonder if you in your pitch you’re making to the super delegates would say, this inspector general’s report is sufficiently damaging that it might hurt Hillary Clinton in a general election. Might give Donald Trump something to use against her and therefore, as the super delegates are making up their mind about who they want to carry forward on the issues, whether you think that is something they should be keeping in mind.

SANDERS: They will be keeping it in mind. I don’t have to tell them that. Everybody in America is keeping it in mind and certainly super delegates are.

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