ESPN’s Jemele Hill, Michael Smith Rip MN Cops Who Left When WNBA Players Wore BLM Shirts — ‘Good Riddance’

On Tuesday’s ESPN2 airing of “His & Hers,” co-hosts Jemele Hill and Michael Smith reacted to the report that four off-duty Minneapolis police officers walked out on working security at the Target Center Saturday in response to Minnesota Lynx players wearing Black Lives Matters shirts during pre-game warmups by questioning the officers’ decision.

Hill said if she was the Lynx, she would tell the officers “good riddance” because they misunderstand asking accountability of police officers as saying they do not respect them.

“If I’m the Minnesota Lynx, I say, ‘Good. Good riddance.’ Because, Mike, they are guilty of doing what a lot of people unfortunately have done as we’ve all witnessed the tragic events of the last week where they have made it seem as if asking accountability of police officers who commit unjust actions is somehow saying that you don’t respect the police or you don’t understand that there are a lot of very good officers who put their lives on the line for us daily,” she stated.

Smith later said he was “disappointed” in the officers’ decision to leave because it is “unbecoming of that badge.” He then urged the other professional sports teams in Minnesota to join in with the Lynx in effecting change.

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