Schweizer on Hillary’s Political Influence Emails: ‘How Stupid Do They Think We Are?’

Thursday on Fox New Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” while commenting on reports about new email exchanges raising questions about whether Clinton Foundation donors got preferential treatment from Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton campaign’s dismissive attitude toward those emails, “Clinton Cash” author and Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer said, “How stupid do they think we are?”

Partial transcript as follows:

HEMMER: This is what Democrats are saying now, and Doug Schoen made this case 45 minutes ago. There’s no evidence to suggest that this went toward Hillary Clinton. Do you have evidence that suggests otherwise?

SCHWEIZER: No, but, I mean, this is an absurd defense. And I have to say, I mean, how stupid do they think we are? You’ve got Bill Clinton’s top aide, Doug Band, sends an email to Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Cheryl Mills, saying we need to set up meetings for this guy. And the Clinton defense is, well, Hillary herself didn’t actually get involved, so this isn’t a problem. I mean, this is what top aides do. This is how the system is greased. So the defense that Hillary herself did not set up the meeting with Gilbert Chagoury with the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, is beside the point. This is precisely the problem that I highlighted in the book and that I think now the emails are confirming.

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