Police Arrest Man Dressed as Clown Scaring People at Georgia Walmart

Per a Fox 5 report, a man dressed as a clown was arrested after police say he was scaring people at a Newnan, GA Walmart.

Rodeny Allen Byram of Alabama was charged with disorderly conduct.

Ashley Glass called police on Byram after he reportedly made gestures and shot birds at her.

“He came in front of my car and was actually on the pole at Walmart, then when he walked off he shot me two birds. I said ‘Something is wrong with this clown’” said Glass.

“I’ve been hearing about the clowns and as soon as we pull up in Walmart, I look down and there’s a clown. I was like maybe this is real,” she added.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested Byram, who was still in his clown suit. Police body cam video shows Byram pleading with an officer.

“Sir, I was not scaring people. I promise, I was not scaring nobody,” Byram could be heard telling the officer.

He told police he did not know it was illegal to scare someone.

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