‘The View’ Features Trump Impersonator Who Hates ‘Chocolate Cake’

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” while celebrating co-host Joy Behar‘s birthday, Upright Citizens Brigade comedian Anthony Atamanuik did an impression of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Atamanuik brought out a cake and said, “Before I can give it to you, you need to show me your birth certificate.”

He continued, “And Joy, I want to tell you something, this is so important. We have so many, I’ve been on the campaign trail, I’ve been with everybody, and I want to tell you — and I wanted to get you a white cake. I wanted to get you a white cake. A white cake with vanilla, because I love white. I can’t stand chocolate cake. I hate chocolate cake. I can’t stand chocolate cake. I separate, when I go in, I separate the cakes. I put the chocolate cake somewhere. My father and I have been evicting chocolate cakes from bakeries since the early 60s. But I want to tell you, Joy, and by the way, I have a security alert. You need to learn this. Have you heard that ISIS is in Italy? Have you heard about this? ISIS is in Italy. They’re called Italian ISIS. And they’re cold. They’re cold blooded. Ice cold Italian ISIS.”

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