WaPo’s O’Keefe: Obama Huddling With Democrats to Oppose Trump Runs ‘Counter’ to Promises of Smooth Transition

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” Washington Post reporter Ed O’Keefe stated that President Obama huddling with Democrats and telling them to “stand in the way” of incoming President Donald Trump “seems to run counter” to Obama’s promises of a smooth transition of power.

O’Keefe reacted to President Obama telling Democrats to find a way to replicate the Tea Party movement to fight proposals from President-Elect Donald Trump by saying, “I guess what’s ironic is, this is an outgoing president who said right after the election, we’re going to try to make this as smooth and controversy-free as possible. I really like the way George W. Bush handled himself eight years ago. But then he goes and hides in basement corridors with Democrats and tells them to stand in the way of the new president. This seems to run counter to what he was promising just a few weeks ago.”

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