Meghan McCain: Trump Nominating Ronny Jackson ‘Worst Abomination of the Administration So Far’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain slammed President Donald Trump’s nomination of Dr. Ronny Jackson to head up the Department of Veterans Affairs and called it the “worst abomination of the administration so far.”

McCain said, “Our veterans and the VA deserve so much better than this on so many different levels.”

She added, “During the election, Trump even missed a debate to hold a fund-raiser for veterans. He has attacked veterans and claimed to be the soothsayer of all things—regardless of the fact that he never served. And for him to put this man up to run the VA after, by the way, 200 veterans died in Phoenix at the VA that I went to school down the street from, and we’re still doing nothing. This is, for me, it’s one of the worst abominations of the administration so far.”

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