Tucker Carlson Warns Against House Republican DACA Deal — ‘Voters Would Get Nothing’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson opened his show by criticizing an effort by House Republicans to grant millions of illegal immigrants amnesty in exchange for nothing.

Carlson explained how a principled stance on immigration won the GOP the White House in 2016, and he argued Republicans could continue to have success by maintaining that stance.

“President Trump ran for office promising to restore the country’s borders,” Carlson said. “He won on that. It happened within recent memory. Most of us remember it. New polls show why it happened. It turns out that Americans of all backgrounds and all ethnicities are deeply skeptical of immigration. They wanted it reduced. Republicans can win elections by listening to them, but they’re not. Congressional Republicans are on the brink of giving amnesty to a huge number of the illegal aliens just in time for the fall election.”

“Some of these Republicans are plotting with Democrats to give amnesty to every illegal who originally entered this country as a minor,” he continued. “Potentially that is millions and millions of people. In return for that, voters would get nothing — no border wall, no reduction in overall immigration rates, no defunding of sanctuary cities, no abolition of chain migration, which is indefensible. Wages will stay low because it turns out supply and demand is real. Give an overabundance of something including labor its value falls. Politically more states will go the way of California. So, what exactly is the point of this?”

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