Why Obama and Bell's Close Ties to Radicals Is Relevant Today

"Open up your hearts and minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell." Those were the words spoken by Obama in regards to his racialist professor Derrick Bell in a video released by Breitbart's team that launched a media war of right versus left. Or more accurately, right versus the liberal media.

Some people believe the story is insignificant and people shouldn't waste time on it, while others believe it's something worth looking into. A friend of mine argued if Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers didn't change anyone's mind, Professor Bell and his ties to Obama won't either.

I disagree.

For one, people don't necessarily remember 'talk' of Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, and Obama's ties. The media did nothing to vet him. The only people who spoke of his ties were conservative bloggers and Fox News. Not everyone reads blogs or watches Fox News, and if any of the other liberal media outlets picked up the story, it was to mock those talking about it. The average person who doesn't follow politics closely probably has no idea who either of those people are, and if they do remember talk, probably forgot about it by now. It never hurts to remind people.

Secondly, when the ties were first brought to light, Obama was held in such high regard and painted as a savior by the media. Not many people knew what a President Obama would look like and took him at his word. Now, 4 years later, people see something completely different - and the media is on defense.

That same person who told me it's not a big deal and doesn't matter argued that Bell isn't going to convince anyone of anything. It's not about convincing, it's about putting things into perspective and giving people a better idea of why President Obama makes the decisions that he does. All of this wasn't possible in 2008 as Obama's past was relatively unknown to a lot of people.

So for every person who doesn't think this is 'relevant' or 'newsworthy', I beg to differ. If the Rick Perry 'rock' story was news, this is more than news. If a video were released while President Bush was in office showing him in his younger days embracing a member of the KKK, I don't know how anyone could say with a straight face that the media wouldn't be exploding, throwing the story in publications and on air like there was no tomorrow.

President Obama's ties are more than relevant and worthy of news coverage and discussions. The president should be vetted. People have a right to know about the president's past and his questionable associations.

One of those people digging into the Obama/Bell ties is Justen Charters who made this well-researched video that's definitely worth a look. Be sure to pass this video on to all of your friends. If you wanted to look into the matter yourself, Justen provides links back to all his sources in his YouTube page description.

Open up your hearts and minds to socialism and the Black Panthers.

Here is another video that shows a snippet of Bell's thinking.

In 2002 while on a panel at the Harlem Book Fair, Bell wonders whether society could exist without racism, refers to white people as "having a sense of entitlement based on being white", says "racism is permanent", and believes white people should do what alcoholics do to survive- admit they're racist, will always be racist and say, "today I'm going to try to get through it."

Since we all know the liberal media won't do their jobs, it's up to people like Breitbart's team and others to do it for them. If anyone says this isn't newsworthy, tell them they're way off target. The media wants you to think it's not newsworthy and will do their best to convince you of it- as evident by cheerleaders such as Soledad O' Brien.

In the end, it boils down to the little fact they couldn't be more wrong. #VetThePrez

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