Nominee! Dems Circle Wagons For Embattled Warren

Embattled US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren survived a challenge by Marisa DeFranco and secured her party's nomination today at the Massachusetts state convention in Springfield.  

Warren's campaign has been under fire for a series of gaffes and mis-steps over her claim of Cherokee heritage but today, the state's Democratic Party establishment rallied around the Harvard Professor giving her a solid victory with a solid 95.7% of the vote.  DeFranco needed 15% (534) of the 3,554 delegates to force a state-wide primary fight.  

DeFranco made a sharp contrast to the staunchly anti-business Warren by appealing to entrepreneurs and business owners.  DeFranco said she understands everyday businesses "because I am one of them."  She also appealed to the delegates to "keep the heartbeat of democracy going" by authorizing the state-wide primary. "Let's have a good and healthy primary and go after Scott Brown together," DeFranco said and exited the stage to the tune of Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger."

Meanwhile, Warren's convention speech blistered Senator Scott Brown as a slave to "Big Oil" and Wall Street.  She also briefly touched on the Cherokee controversy by saying "I didn't get in this race to fold up the first time I got punched," and "If that's all you've got, Scott Brown, I'm ready." 


Warren's Opponent DeFranco: We Need Candidate Who Can Define Herself


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