Exclusive: Contra ABC News, Dark Knight Aurora, CO Shooting Suspect James Holmes Could Be Registered Democrat - UPDATE: Not Registered?

James Holmes, the suspect arrested in connection with the mass shootings at a screening of the new Batman movie early this morning in Aurora, CO, could be a registered Democrat, according to documents obtained by Breitbart News. Earlier, ABC News' Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos speculated on Good Morning America that Holmes was a Tea Party member, based solely on a name appearing on a Tea Party website.

The James Holmes for whom Breitbart News has obtained documentation is 25 years old (the suspect has been reported as 24 years old). He has links to addresses in both Colorado and San Diego, where his mother has been reported to be from, according to news reports. He was issued a traffic citation in 2011--his sole run-in with the law. The same is true for the suspect arrested in connection with the shootings, according to reports. Update: Fox News reports that the suspect has a California-issued social security number, as does the man in the documents obtained by Breitbart News--a significant correlation, assuming the sources are independent.

Furthermore, the James Holmes for whom records were obtained by Breitbart News registered as a Democrat on June 14, 2011. He registered from an address in La Plata County, Colorado, and his status is listed as "inactive."

Breitbart News has not confirmed that this James Holmes is in fact the suspect, but the details above appear to match closely. There are certainly more facts in our documents than in ABC News' irresponsible speculations.

Update (12:21 EDT): I remind readers that we have not, as of yet, confirmed that this James Holmes is in fact the suspect. Attempts to reach this James Holmes by telephone have not been successful. In addition, it appears there are several individuals using the same social security number listed to the James Holmes in our documents. We have also obtained documentation for a James Holmes in Aurora, CO whose address may match that of the suspect but whose date of birth and voter registration cannot currently be obtained.

Update (12:49 EDT): Newly-released information on the suspect's birthdate (which, as indicated in our initial report, was a slight mismatch), combined with new details Breitbart News has obtained about the suspect's likely addresses, together suggest that the suspect may, in fact, not have been registered to vote. 


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