WH Counsel Withheld IRS Scandal from Obama


IRS Scandal

We're being asked to believe a lot of incredible things in the wake of the IRS scandal. Low-level bureaucrats somewhere in Ohio decided, without any political motivation, to target groups with "tea party." These bureaucrats simply rewrote agency policy with no direction from superiors. No senior IRS officials were aware of this, despite repeated questions from Congress about the alleged targeting. Oh, and we now learn that the White House counsel found out about this at the end of April and withheld the information from the President. 

The White House counsel's office formally learned that the IRS had targeted tea party and conservative organizations on April 22nd. More than two weeks later, on May 10th, the IRS staged a leak to reveal this fact to the public. President Obama claims he first heard about the "outrageous" IRS actions then, along with the rest of the public. Does he not talk with his staff?

Everyone in DC, from both parties, agrees that the IRS actions were beyond the pale. Targeting groups for their political views tears at the very fabric of American society. The House held a hearing on Friday, the Senate will hear testimony on Tuesday. Two individuals have already lost their jobs, with more likely to follow. It is a Defcon 1 scandal. Yet, no one in the counsel's office thought to inform Obama about it?

Lanny Davis, former Special Counsel to President Clinton, said recently "anyone who knew about this a few weeks ago and didn't tell the president shouldn't be in the White House."

Other Democrats are spinning that it was appropriate not to inform the President, lest it create the impression that the White House was trying to interfere with the forthcoming report from the Inspector General. Apparently, it was decided that the President should learn about the biggest scandal to face his administration through press reports, with absolutely zero warning. 

Think on that and savor it. 

Of the things we're being asked to believe, that is probably the most incredible. 

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