Bachmann: 'Harry Reid Will Not Succeed' on Immigration


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Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) electrified the Tea Party crowd in attendance at the press conference denouncing the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, and assured the American people that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not win his push to enact amnesty.

Bachmann began her remarks at the presser by reading from a news story about how Reid plans to try to rush the Gang of Eight bill through the Senate by the end of this week. Then she shifted into railing on the bill.

“Let me tell about one thing that people talk about in my district and it’s this: We’re often lectured that we are not compassionate because we don’t believe in open borders,” Bachmann said. “We’re told that we’re not compassionate because we’re not willing to let the entire world come into the United States any time of their choosing."

“Now is that compassion?” Bachmann asked the fired-up crowd. “No!” they shouting resoundingly.

“Here’s a great analogy,” Bachmann then continued. “For a lot of people, they believe in giving to good and worthy causes. Many people who are Christians believe that you give 10 percent to your church, and maybe you give tithes and maybe you give offerings beyond that. Would we say someone is not compassionate because they chose not to give 100 percent of what they earned?”

“No!” the crowd answered.

“So take a look at this building behind us,” Bachmann went on, with the U.S. Capitol building behind her. “And if you go a little bit further down Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocking the view to the White House is a building called the United States Treasury. If you walk into that building, and if you get past the guards that are there, and you get over to the vault, and you say by some miracle, ‘would you open that vault?’ I’m just here to tell you, if they opened it, it would be moths and feathers that fly out. That’s because this building behind me together with the band living at 1600 Pennsylvania [the White House] have broken the bank.”

Bachmann quoted the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector for the crowd next, noting he “told us amnesty costs a fortune.”

But, she continued, “amnesty can cost us something more than just money. It can cost a nation because at the worst possible time in our nation’s economic history just when Baby Boomers are coming to the point that they are entitled to draw down on Social Security, they are entitled to draw down on Medicare, now when Obamacare in six months will be implemented in 2014, when there will be access to 80 different means-tested welfare programs. When you have all of that on the table, when your government every year is spending almost double what it takes in, and when we’re looking at demanding that much more of that Treasury, which is effectively bankrupt, we’re going to be bringing in tens of millions of new people?”

The crowd shouted in response: “No!”

Bachmann continued, noting that those illegal immigrants who would get amnesty would be “drawing down more than what we’re able to pay in.” 

The crowd of about five hundred got louder: “No!” 

Bachmann then had all the kids under the age of 18 in the crowd join her on and around the press conference stage. One mother handed Bachmann her baby. “Say hello to Tera,” Bachmann announced.

“And say hello to America’s future,” Bachmann added, before turning to the crowd: “Now I want to ask you something: little baby Tera is looking at a very different future. When you look at the obligations that the politicians who inhabit this building behind us, when you look at what the politicians have promised for the future, for Obamacare, for Social Security, for Medicare, for public assistance programs, someone has to pay for those programs. The children that are here on this stage including baby Tera, this is their obligation. It is a very different future.”

“And so I ask you this,” Bachmann continued to shouts of approval from the Tea Partiers in attendance. “Is it compassionate to ask baby Tera in the future to potentially pay what some experts are estimating as much as 75 percent of her future income to keep this welfare state going?”

“No!” the Tea Partiers screamed, even louder than last time.

Bachmann continued explaining how the children around her would be robbed of their future if this amnesty bill passed into law, then she shifted back to send a message to Reid.

“That’s why Harry Reid will not succeed, despite what he says,” Bachmann said. “We’re here!”

The crowd’s cheers interrupted her. After a pause, she said again: “We’re here! We’re loud! We’re not going anywhere!”

Bachmann ended with a general message to her critics on the left: “In spite of the fact that I will not be seeking a fifth term to represent the great people of the sixth district of Minnesota, I am here to say to the liberals: I am here for a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time. As long as God gives breath in my body, I am here because of these children. God bless you, and God bless America.”

From there the children around Bachmann on stage broke into signing “God Bless America” and she joined them.


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