16-Year-Old Student Suspended for Refusing to Turn NRA Shirt Inside Out

On March 11th the parents of 16-year-old Shane Kinney confirmed "their son was recently made to serve a one day in-school suspension" for refusing to turn his NRA shirt inside out or change shirts altogether.

Kinney is a sophomore at Grand Island High School in New York.

According to WGRZ.com, Kinney and his parents are members of the NRA. The shirt he wore "[depicted] his support of the NRA and the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."

His dad said Kinney had worn "the same shirt" to school before without incident. However, this time a gym teacher took offense "to the NRA emblem over crossed rifles adorning the shirt" and Kinney was told to "either change shirts, or turn the one he had on inside out." 

Kinney refused, saying "he'd rather not turn the shirt inside out," and received one day of in-school suspension for violating dress code.

Kinney's parents said the important lesson in all this "is to stand up for what you believe in."

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