Video: Lamar Alexander: 'I Voted Against Amnesty'

During his bus tour through Tennessee, Sen. Lamar Alexander was approached by someone asking him why he voted to support amnesty.

“I voted against amnesty,” Alexander replied.

The video was provided to Breitbart News by the “Beat Lamar” effort by the Real Conservatives National Committee Super PAC opposing Alexander’s re-election.

Alexander’s answer is consistent with his claim that by voting for the Senate "Gang of Eight" immigration reform bill, he voted to end amnesty.

"We have amnesty today,” Alexander said in June. "Turning your head while 11 million people are already here illegally is perpetual amnesty. I voted along with 67 other United States senators to end perpetual amnesty.”

Anti-amnesty critics, however, insist that by voting for the Senate bill, he voted to give amnesty through a "path to citizenship" for millions of illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. after ten years.

Alexander’s primary challenger Joe Carr has made Alexander’s vote a key part of his campaign, running a television ad on the issue.

“President Obama created this crisis only after Lamar Alexander voted for amnesty. He is responsible,” Carr explains in the ad.


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