Luis Gutiérrez Unloads: 'It Is Almost As If They Despise And Hate All of Our Children'

The often outspoken Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), blasted Republicans for their efforts to address the border crisis, saying that they had reached the “least common denominator of hatefulness.”

Gutierrez made his comments during a press conference with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

During his remarks, he warned Republicans that Hispanics in America would never forget the tough legislation proposed by Republicans in upcoming elections.

“The way you treat one of us today is the way you have treated all of us, and we will remember that,” he said. “Not only do they treat the children, that are in such need of protection, it is almost as though they despise and hate all of our children.”

Gutierrez defended President Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) decision. Since Obama was re-elected, Gutierez insisted it was clear that “the American people thought it was a good decision.”

Gutierrez indicated that he was deeply upset that anti-amnesty group of House Republicans was successful in influencing the House bill.

“Apparently the loudest, meanest, most vile voices are the ones that are dominating the caucus, and that’s unfortunate.” he said.

“Let me also say that look unfortunately, the way they speak about a community, it is almost as if the children, we are a vile, repugnant community to them, that they vilify and demonize in every one of their statements,” he said calling it a “sad commentary” on the Republican party.


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