At Martha's Vineyard, Obama Complains About Cold Ocean

During a fundraiser on Martha's Vineyard on Monday, President Obama told the guests all about his afternoon on a nearby beach -- which included playing with some seals.

"I found, as somebody from Hawaii, the water is still a little cold," he said as the crowd laughed, although he acknowledged that the weather was nice.

"It’s really wonderful to be at Martha’s Vineyard, especially when the weather is this good," he said.

Obama also told the guests that the first family spent time with some seals on the beach.

"We were hanging out with some seals this afternoon who came by and said hello," he said.

Obama also complained that Republicans were too concerned with maintaining power, instead of helping him accomplish his agenda.

“What’s preventing us from getting things done right now is you’ve got a faction within the Republican Party that thinks solely in terms of their own ideological purposes and solely in terms of how do they hang on to power,” he said.

Obama warned about Democrats losing the power to confirm another Supreme Court Justice should they lose the Senate.

He also remarked briefly about the crisis in Iraq and shared his optimistic assessment of the political situation but did not mention recent military air strikes that he authorized in the region. 

“Before I came here, I had a chance to speak to the Prime Minister-designate of Iraq,” he said, “I’m hopeful that now we have the opportunity to form a government in Iraq that can be an effective partner for us, but, more importantly, can form the kind of broad, inclusive government that serves as a basis for them to repel the terrorist movement, ISIL, that has been sweeping across the country.”


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