Rick Perry: America Must Beat Back 'Terrorist Blitzkrieg' of Islamic State

Texas Governor Rick Perry called for a stronger American response to the threat of Islamic State terrorists, just a day after President Obama addressed the topic.

Perry criticized President Obama for allowing ISIS to enjoy a “triumphant summer,” sweeping across Iraq with a “terrorist blitzkrieg.”

“We better get on top of this crisis, by every means necessary, because events are moving fast, and the price is only going to go up from here,” he warned during a speech at the Heritage Foundation on Thursday.

Perry called for decisive action from the United States, calling for politicians of both parties to unite against ISIS with a spirit of bipartisanship.

“If anything is left of that old spirit, we need to draw on it in a big way and right now,” he said.

Perry criticized Obama for only authorizing limited air strikes for the sake of containing the threat posed by ISIS.

“Clearly more air strikes are necessary,” Perry said. “Nothing less than a sustained air campaign, to degrade and destroy ISIS forces, is required.” He reminded the audience that the “Iraqi people were up against a terrorist blitzkrieg.”

Perry noted that the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters were a “fierce and ready force” on the ground who were in the best position to tackle ISIS terrorists, and he called for the United States to deliver the heavy weaponry necessary to defeat them.

When asked about whether he would recommend American ground troops to address the crisis in Iraq, Perry said that American leaders should keep their options open.

“They need to be eliminated; they need to be eliminated now,” he added.


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