Lonewolf Diaries: Only Conservatives Can Be Racists, You Morons...

“Obama looks like a Chimpanzee…” That’s the exact reaction elicited from Liberals in response to Sean Delonas’ recent comic strip in the New York Post. Granted, they prefaced it with, “Conservatives are trying to say…” in an attempt to play off their own prejudice while projecting it onto conservatives. Is anybody out there truly fooled by, or scared of, these blatant attack patterns? What can I say; the liberal playbook is as bland and predictable as a Vin Diesel sequel. "How can we better handle said attacks?" you may be thinking. Oh, Big Hollywood... I'm so glad that you've asked. Assemble the troops!

The aforementioned comic was meant to poke fun at the recent shooting of a chimpanzee amidst a chardonnay and Xanax bender in Connecticut, while simultaneously taking a jab at the stimulus bill. Liberals of course took the opportunity to show their consistent obsession with race, while at the same time trying to leverage their PC agenda in an attempt to silence any criticism of the current administration.

See, when outspoken liberals create racially-charged material it's simply "thought-provoking" or they're seen as "doing their job." Anybody remember these old gems? Chances are that you probably don't as they didn't generate the kind of heat that we’re seeing here today. Why would we? When Condoleezza Rice is the target, portraying her as an old "Porch Monkey/Baby Mamma" is the only logical path to take, don’t ya know.

Truth be told, no conservative ever thought about drawing the Obama/chimpanzee comparison until leftists started making the attacks. Liberals know that if they don't immediately turn it into a race issue, they lose one of the best cards in their deck. I’m speaking of course, of their famous, “Racist Conservative" card. It’s a card that puts one on the immediate defensive, striking such fear into its opponents that conservatives generally just fold. It’s a typical go-to weapon for liberals and all too often we allow it to be effective. I say, no longer.

Besides, liberal columnists, graphic artists and comedians were drawing the George Bush/monkey comparison for years. For a solid while there, I couldn’t open my inbox without finding another, “George Bush peeling a Banana” picture. It was an on-going joke. A joke so overplayed that it managed to do the impossible in rendering monkeys completely unfunny. Liberals correct me, but I think I'm getting a firmer grasp of the ever-moving “what’s okay and what’s not okay” target.

"George Bush the monkey? Fair ball"

“Draw a comic slamming the Stimulus Bill while featuring a chimpanzee? You, my friend are a racist, homophobic, hate-mongering etc… Neocon.”

Before you know it, you've made Olbermann's list. For a party that controls virtually the entire comedic realm (sitcoms, Comedy Central, late night TV, etc.), the Democrats certainly have a lot of lightening up to do.

Many Conservatives think that the way to handle these attacks is to tread lightly and be hyper-sensitive to the issues. I say we need to be as unabashedly politically incorrect as possible. The only way we'll end the "race war" is to discard it as an issue altogether. Who's with me? Who else out there is willing to start speaking freely without fear of race, ethnicity or the liberal nutjobs who deem themselves offended?

I for one will proudly say that I thought the comic was funny… And on a totally unrelated topic; Barack Hussein Obama is one weird-looking dude.


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