SarahPAC Hands Out Playbill Refuting 'Game Change' at Premiere

Liberals, Hollywood types, and Washington Democrats attending last night’s Washington, D.C. premiere of “Game Change” got a nice little surprise as they walked in to see the movie. Instead of being handed a traditional Broadway-style “playbill,” attendees received a flyer that resembled one called a “showbill.”

"Game Change" production coordinators did not distribute the showbill; it was actually handed out by members of SarahPAC, a political action committee designed to support views endorsed by former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

Based on photographs obtained by Big Hollywood, the flyer was a series of papers stapled together like an actual Broadway-distributed playbill.

The white and yellow flyer read, “Showbill: Game Change/False Narrative." It then featured an HBO Films logo and said, “From the Bestselling Book GAME CHANGE.”

The flyer also featured a disclaimer on the bottom of the cover page, which said, “This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents have been dramatized, condensed and fictionalized. The use of dramatic and creative license by the filmmakers presents false information in a factual light.” Underneath the disclaimer was another that simply read, “Paid for by SarahPAC.”

The stunt was first published on Twitter last night by the account @Maryland4Palin, whose author(s) apparently were behind the clever move. A series of tweets read:

Heading to DC for "game change" premiere. Work of fiction. Getting out the truth. #gameon

Gov @SarahPalinUSA we've got your back. #gameon #Undefeated

Shaking things up in DC. #gameon #Undefeated #palin

Handing out the truth at "game change"

Tom Hanks refused copy of The Undefeated.

The Truth. #gameon #palin

@RestoreSP2012 just had a great little talk with security

And we are done. Thanks to OP and Linda for helping! The Best. #palin

Shortly after the series of tweets published by @Maryland4Palin, the group got a huge boost of support from Newsweek Bureau Chief and longtime Washington Post media commentator Howard Kurtz, who tweeted back, “Take that! Sarah Palin volunteers handing out 'Showbill' flyers branding Game Change a 'false narrative' outside DC premiere at Newseum.”

The Newseum is a 250,000 square foot museum of news and a history of the First Amendment located across the street from the U.S. Capitol in the Judiciary Square area of Washington, D.C., where several courthouses are based. "Game Change" authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann spoke there today at 2:30 p.m. EST at the museum’s Knight TV Studio.

Some prominent Republicans have vowed not to watch "Game Change" despite the subject matter being of interest. Yesterday, Palin’s running mate, U.S. Senator John McCain said on Fox News talk radio show Kilmeade and Friends, it is “based on a book that's totally unfair and untrue, especially to Sarah Palin… She's a good and decent person, and this continuing maligning of her by the liberal left is reprehensible to me.”

Some Democratic elected officials, in contrast, are apparently excited to see the film. Maryland’s Democratic governor, Martin O’Malley tweeted that he is “Looking forward to watching it on Saturday!

Early morning attempts to contact Marylnd4Palin, SarahPAC and Howard Kurtz for comment on this story were unsuccessful.


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