Carolla Attacks '60 Minutes': 'Show Me the Huge Pile of Bodies from Waterboarding'

Adam Carolla must be trying to take the liberal heat off of fellow comic Jon Lovitz.

Carolla recently endeared himself to the Right by slamming the selfish Occupy Wall Street movement. Now, he's going after both "60 Minutes" and liberals in general who can't comprehend why American forces used waterboarding to help prevent future terrorist attacks.

Needless to say Carolla didn't mince words:

On the Thursday podcast of "The Adam Carolla Show," the host also explained his disappointment that those getting angst from reporters like [Leslie] Stahl, never throw their outrageous outrage back at them.

"That's your news. That's '60 Minutes.' That's the best we have to offer. Hard at fucking work. I always wish that people just throw it back at them. What's your plan then, Leslie? What would you like to do? How would you like to extract information from people who wanted to see Americans die and don't want to give up any information," Carolla said.

"And find me a country that does it in a more humane fashion than we do? Or shut the fuck up. You have no story. There's not a story here. Hey, show me the huge pile of bodies from waterboarding. They'll be right next to the huge bodies of second-hand smoke. They don't fucking exist," he said.


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