Cher's Latest Twitter Attack: Romney Supporters Too White, Not Gay

Being Cher gives one special powers, apparently.

How else could the Oscar-winning singer/actress look at a crowd and determine if the people in it are gay or not?

Cher let loose with her latest anti-Mitt Romney Tweet today - she ended up apologizing for her last one - and blasted those who crowd around the presumptive GOP presidential candidate.

“When mitt gives stump speech Look Behind Him!White People! Where R people of color & ethnicity?Gay men&women Theres no rm 4difference in gop,” the singer Tweeted Monday.

Maybe Cher didn't see this picture of Team Obama.

Or, perhaps like many of her liberal peers, Cher would rather talk about race and gender preference than the president's record. We can't blame her, but she should tell us more about her ability to decode a person's sexual leanings from a mere photograph.

Can we expect a Tweet apology any minute now?


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