Fran Lebowitz: Romney Cruel, Ryan Dangerous, Edwards Would Make Great President

Fran Lebowitz has plenty of mean things to say about the Romney/Ryan ticket.

The author/humorist dragged out some of the ugliest cliches about Republicans during a chat with The Star about current events

“I don’t think my country could take a Romney administration. I’ll vote as often as I can to prevent it. The most pernicious thing about him is that he truly does not want there to be any help for any people: Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps. You have to understand that if you’re old enough in America, you end up with no money.

“And Paul Ryan? He’s much more dangerous. He’s considered the intellectual of the Republican party, which is not a hard field to win in.” 

Lebowitz says she's to the Left of President Barack Obama, preferring another presidential aspirant whose whose career crashed and burned a short time ago.

“I have to admit I was a John Edwards supporter. Which means I’m a very poor judge of husbands, but I think he would have made a great president.”


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