Jon Stewart Not Done with ObamaCare, Scorches Obama's 'Total Ignorance' on Scandals

Jon Stewart is still mocking ObamaCare as well as the man whose name is permanently attached to the legislation.

The Comedy Central host tormented the massively flawed web site that anchors the health care law anew Monday on The Daily Show, dubbing his segment "Site Flub" in homage to the cult movie Fight Club. Tech teams are working around the clock to fix the site, he says, and now visitors are greeted with a new image once they log on.

It's a pair of legs dangling on screen, apparently belonging to someone who just hung himself.

Stewart was just warming up. He then struck an incredulous tone about the president apparently not knowing how troubled was from the beginning.

"This is your signature program, your name is on it," he asks but later strikes a more conciliatory tone given the president is unaware of any number of scandals swirling inside the Beltway.

"In his defense there appears to be very few loops he is in," Stewart said.

Show correspondent Jessica Williams appeared next, and the two comics described the "bubble" Obama currently resides in.

"He thinks gun control passed and that we shut down Guantanamo three years ago," Williams tells Stewart.


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