Philip Seymour Hoffman's Diaries Reveal Fights with Demons, Still Promoted Sundance Project

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was clearly tortured in the final months of his life, at least according to diaries left behind and revealed by NBC News.

The news outlet gained exclusive rights to the diary material, writings described as alternately dark and rambling.

Yet the actor appeared at the Sundance Film Festival less than a month before what appears to be a fatal overdose on Feb. 2.

According to multiple sources familiar with the contents, the hand-scrawled entries make reference to drug deals, to the actor’s struggle with his “demons,” and his attempt to stay clean by attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings in lower Manhattan.

But the diaries are also hard to read, with scribbled lines, and sentences that run into each other. The handwriting sometimes starts out clearly and then becomes illegible, said a source, as if he had written parts of the diaries while high.

Earlier this year, Hoffman took part in the Sundance promotion of one of his last films, God's Pocket, a film directed by Mad Men star John Slattery.


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