Winning the Narrative: the Rush Limbaugh Edition

By now you've already seen how Media Matters astroturfed the alleged "mass exodus" of Rush Limbaugh Show advertisers. William Jacobson over at lays down the wood on the "Stop Rush" effort, which was a pre-packaged campaign waiting for an opportunity -- which Rush obviously provided.

Media Matters also inflated the numbers, including advertisers who never advertised on Limbaugh but merely acknowledged a pre-existing policy.  Yet those inflated numbers (50? 100? 140?) then were picked up by the media, to create the appearance of momentum.

Media Matters then published an account of “dead air” during Limbaugh’s show on WABC in New York City.  In the text of the article it’s revealed that the dead air was only on the online broadcast, but the lazy and biased mainstream media simply regurgitated the headline of dead air, which has become an urban legend.

Using the Media Matters/ThinkProgress methodology to count how many advertisers dropped Rush could yield hundreds of thousands of businesses. All it took was someone saying, "We've never advertised on Rush's show and don't plan to" and wham! Your company was part of the boycott. It's hilarious how many leftists actually thought the numbers were legit. And, of course, the all-too-willing Democrat Media Complex amplified the fraud.

Despite the threat of harassment by professional pests like Media Matters' Angelo Carusone, businesses are stepping up to stand for free speech and Rush Limbaugh. (via

This is fantastic. While Media Matters is astroturfing their boycott of Limbaugh’s show, real advertisers are taking a stand to defend him. They are now buying ads that run during his show, defending his right to free speech from the attacks by those on the left trying to silence him.

But that's not all, folks! There's more!

The pure hypocrisy of Democrat operatives like the ones who work at Media Matters and ThinkProgress has caused a backlash. Their hysterics over the "s" word was immediately countered online by conservative activists highlighting the leftists who have said much, much worse about women. This led to Louis C.K. "deciding" he didn't want to attend a show he was supposed to headline and serial misogynist Bill Maher getting dumped by the Alabama Democrats and being snubbed by Obama campaign guru David Axelrod.

That would never have happened without the new media.

Oh, and Rush is probably enjoying his best ratings ever right now. OUCH, Media Matters!



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