Rosen Doubles Down In "War On Moms"

Hilary Rosen doubled down on the Democrats "War On Moms" at the Huffington Post. Rosen can't seem to keep her narratives straight: Ann Romney is either an unintellectual homemaker too stupid to understand economics or a powerful force behind which Mitt Romney hides:

Women of America must ask Mitt Romney to come out from behind his wife's skirt and tell us working women in this country should trust his vision for their future.

Rosen wasn't speaking of working women alone, but the idea that Romney isn't a "working" women because her work is as a mother and homemaker is ludicrous.

Now let's be clear on one thing. I have no judgments about women who work outside the home vs. women who work in the home raising a family. I admire women who can stay home and raise their kids full time. I even envy them sometimes. It is a wonderful luxury to have the choice. But let's stipulate that it is NOT a choice that most women have in America today.

Except that's not what Rosen said. Let's revisit:

What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying, “Well, my wife tells me what women really care about are economic issues.” And, “When I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing.” Guess what? His wife has never actually worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing—in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and how do—why we worry about their future.

Rosen's problem wasn't that Ann Romney is living out a choice (unavailable to most women due to the administration's policies), but that Romney's choice, in Rosen's opinion, rendered her ineligible to comment on economic issues.

"My wife has the occasion, as you know, to campaign on her own and also with me," Romney told newspaper editors, "and she reports to me regularly that the issue women care about most is the economy."

So it begs the question, is Ann Romney Mitt's touchstone for women who are struggling economically or not? Nothing in Ann Romney's history as we have heard it -- hardworking mom she may have been -- leads me to believe that Mitt has chosen the right expert to get feedback on this problem he professes to be so concerned about.

That's not exactly "begging the question;" rather Rosen's own argument begs the question. She presupposes that Romney is presenting his wife as more than a spouse confiding in him. Before anyone in the Romney family can make a point to Mitt, they need to first submit their resumes to Rosen. At-home moms need not apply.

Let's just focus on his economic record on behalf of women. When Romney ran Bain Capital, less than 10% of the senior workforce were women. And he said in his 1994 Senate race that it was because he had trouble finding qualified women to be executives. Is there a woman alive who believes that?

I'd ask why Rosen is ignoring President Obama's pay inequality in his own administration but then remind myself that she can't: Rosen works at the PR firm run by Obama's former communications director Anita DunnThe firm is heavily involved in the Obama campaign. It's her job to deflect from his failures.

Rosen also rejects that any workplace inequality is the direct result of women's own choices, something studies already confirmed. It's an interesting position Rosen takes: she holds no regard for women's choices that don't match her own, and she wants to blame men for those choices that women make.

*UPDATE: Ann Romney fights back.


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