Politico Panics, May Fire Anti-Romney Reporter

Joseph Williams, the White House Correspondent Politico suspended last night for being honest about his anti-Romney biases, has (understandably) locked his Twitter account, but continues to tweet.

At 4:34pm today he told his followers:

I'm done @politico. Dtails to come 

An hour ago, though, the Huffington Post's Patrick Svitek retweeted this from Williams' Twitter account:

RT : Tweeps: still in limbo @ Politico. Nothing decided yet. Will know more soon.

The tweet has a timestamp of 1:45 p.m., but in Svitek's timeline it says the tweet is only an hour old.

This was retweeted by "free thinker" Jill Hussein Bond at 3:03 p.m.:

RT : tweeps: I still work for politico. reports of my departure are premature - nothing settled today. I will know more soon.

Earlier today, Mr. Williams reportedly claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked:

RT @jdub321: tweeps: been suspended from Politico and my account has been hacked. gonna lay low for a bit. be back soon.


If these tweets are to be believed, there's obviously a bit of chaos going on behind the scenes as Politico figures out what to do with Mr. Williams. Politico's had nothing but bad news over the last 24 hours, and not all of it from Williams.

If Politico fires him, the left won't be happy, and right now "the left" is the only base Politico has left. This is not a small problem for Politico. By getting into bed with MSNBC and Media Matters, Politico made the hard-left its audience and that's already turned into a tiger by the tail.

If Politico doesn't let Williams go, that will leave those of us in the real world wondering what exactly it takes to get fired over there.

 If "dick" jokes aimed at Ann Romney aren't enough, what is?


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