Ugly Americans: To Justify Appalling Behavior, Media Distorts Romney's Overseas Press Availability

Question: Which is worse? Screaming shrill, partisan questions in a sacred place or being told to kiss an ass for doing so?

Less than a hundred yards from Poland's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and in obvious coordination with one another, the media conspired to fabricate a gaffe to feed their insatiable anti-Romney narrative about his overseas trip. 

What we're seeing now is that in order to justify their screaming of shrill, partisan questions within throwing distance of a sacred place (talk about epitomizing the Ugly American stereotype), the media is now lying through an act omission by fabricating the idea that this was all Romney's fault because he refused to make himself available to the media.

Over at Politico, Jonathan Martin repeats the media talking points we're now reading and seeing everywhere:

Romney has not held a media availability for his traveling press corps since taking three questions outside 10 Downing Street in London last Thursday.

The trick the corrupt media is playing here is in what they don't tell you, which is that Romney has probably answered over a HUNDRED questions during his overseas trip.

Yes, that's right, Romney sat down with Greta, Brian Williams, Piers Morgan and Wolf Blitzer at different times DURING this trip and answered every question thrown at him.

So the media's nonsense narrative to justify their appalling behavior is a bald-faced lie.

I repeat the question: which is worse? Screaming like Ugly Americans in a sacred place or being told to kiss an ass for doing so?


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