Sequester: Media Will Blame Obama's Failed Economy on 2% Budget Cut

Hours before the $85 billion sequester cuts will take place, we learned that personal income dropped 3.6% last month, the biggest drop in two decades.

Weeks before the awful-terrible-doomsday 2% cut in the federal budget takes place, we learned that the GDP had collapsed, unemployment increased, and consumer confidence hit a two-year low.

You and I know the economy was on its knees long before sequester. Moreover, Obama knows this. And most importantly, so does the media.

And yet, in his short statement today, Obama told his obedient White house press corps. that if the economy starts to tank, blame a 2% budget cut that represents less than 1% of the overall GDP.

This is all a hustle, a lie, a charade, a long con being manufactured by a desperate president whose economic policies have completely failed.

And you can bet the media will aid and abet this lie every step of the way. If there's a bump in unemployment, the media will coordinate a Narrative that blames GOP gridlock and sequester (a law Obama proposed, saw passed, and signed into law). If the GDP collapses again, the media will coordinate a Narrative that blames a lack of government largess.

The stakes are huge, the president is shameless and desperate, and  the media is wholly enthralled in the Cult of Obama.  


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