Paul Ryan BenSmithed for Not Commenting on Something He Hasn't Read

The left-wing clown car that is BuzzFeed Politics just keeps rolling along at CPAC. As we saw yesterday, Ben Smith's crack crew of BenSmithers just love to report on what Marco Rubio doesn't say (yes, you read that right).

Today, it's Paul Ryan's turn for the childish here's-what-he-didn't-say treatment:

Headline: Paul Ryan Won't Talk About Rob Portman's Support For Gay Marriage

Opening graph: Rep. Paul Ryan refused to react Friday to an op-ed penned by Sen. Rob Portman, in which Portman reversed his position on gay marriage and announced his son is gay.

Sounds serious, right? Except, uhm, in the next paragraph:

"I haven't even read it," Ryan said, pulling from his blazer a printed copy of Portman's op-ed, which he had requested from his staff.

BuzzFeed doesn't care about that context.

All they want is to BenSmith Ryan with a misleading headline.

Like I said: It's a left-wing clown car over there.

Lol, indeed.


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