Perino: Press Would Never Have Let Bush Get Away with Benghazi

Former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino joined me and Brian Wilson Thursday morning on "Mornings on the Mall" on WMAL-FM in Washington DC.  We discussed the opening of the Bush Library in Texas. 

After reflecting on the presidency and Bush's legacy, I asked Perino if the press treats the Obama White House differently than they treated the Bush White House. 

Perino: "You could play a game with the headlines. And say 'if President Bush was in charge and the headlines would be...'"

O'Connor: "Take Benghazi for an example, I mean, would President Bush have gotten away with Benghazi the way it seems President Obama has?"

Perino: "First of all, absolutely not.  Secondly, I never ever would have allowed the pushing of the YouTube video as the excuse for getting something completely wrong. and that was completely orchestrated by the White House. "

Listen to the entire interview here:  


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