Beverly Hills Occupiers Protest Potential Sale of L.A. Times to Kochs

The Hollywood Reporter's Paul Bond details what might be the lamest protest in the history of Los Angeles -- which is saying a lot. Thursday, in Beverly Hills, a few dozen (the L.A. Times says 100) people showed up to protest at the home of Bruce Karsh, the Tribune Company chairman. They're worried he might sell The Incredibly Disappearing L.A. Times to the Koch brothers.

Here are some highlights:

"The idea is to basically 'out' him as the person who could sell our beloved Times to the evil Koch brothers[.]" ...

[T]hey complained about Republicans, tried with limited success to agree on a cohesive anti-Koch chant[.] ...

"One, two, three, fo,' send the Kochs to Guantanamo," one man chanted[.] ...

Some of the protesters, including a few who are Beverly Hills residents and live near Karsh, are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement that rails against the richest 1 percent.

Oh, and they never made it to Karsh's home.

It's like a parody of a Beverly Hills protest, except it's not. 

You'll want to read the whole thing.


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