Arianna Huffington Pushes 'Better Version of Capitalism'

Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, and twelve other CEOs and past business executives are uniting in an effort to remake free enterprise by creating a “better version of capitalism, one that prioritizes people and planet over profit.”

The new group calls itself “the B team.”

“Plan A—the pursuit of short-term profit at the exclusion of everything else—isn’t working for anyone,” writes Huffington. “This is a moment of great possibility and opportunity for all of us to play our part in course-correcting, and leveraging the best parts of the spirit of business and entrepreneurship to bring about fundamental changes to the ways we do business—for the benefit of individuals, communities, and companies.”

Huffington’s involvement in the group’s effort to alter capitalism by putting people ahead of profits is likely to recall the 2011 progressive uproar that occurred when Huffington leveraged the work of her mostly unpaid thousands of bloggers and cashed out by selling the website to AOL. Union organizers and Huffington Post bloggers slapped Arianna Huffington with a $105 million class action lawsuit and vowed to make her “a pariah in the progressive community.”

“In my view, the Huffington Post’s bloggers have essentially been turned into modern-day slaves on Arianna Huffington‘s plantation,” said labor activist and former Huffington Post blogger Jonathan Tasini.

Tasini added: “She wants to pocket the tens of millions of dollars she reaped from the hard work of those bloggers….This all could have been avoided had Arianna Huffington not acted like the Wal-Marts, the Waltons, Lloyd Blankfein, which is basically to say, ‘Go screw yourselves, this is my money.’”

AOL bought Huffington Post for $315 million.


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