EXCLUSIVE: Sen Cruz Describes Ukraine vs. Russia as 'Good vs. Evil'

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland--At "The Uninvited II" conference, Breitbart News had the opportunity to talk with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) after he spoke to an audience about standing with those who are hungry for freedom and speaking the truth the way Reagan would have done. 

This approach was particularly apropos when he spoke about the tensions between the Ukraine and Russia and the misguided U.S. response to the crisis.

During his speech Cruz said the tensions between the Ukraine and Russia are bigger than the international legal subtleties Obama's lawyers keep digging up and pointing toward. Rather, he said, "This is about a fight for freedom. This is about a fight between good vs. evil."

After his speech, Breitbart News had a moment to speak with Cruz and asked: "You cast Ukraine and Russia as 'good vs. evil'--which is a throwback to Reagan--can you expound on that?"

"Look, when you have oppression, when you have one military force invading a sovereign nation and oppressing a people who want to be free, that is the essence of the conflict between good vs. evil," he replied. "And we shouldn't pretend otherwise."

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