La Raza, MSNBC Furious with CA Citizens Who Turned Back Buses of Illegal Aliens

La Raza (The Race) President Janet Murguia told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner that the residents of Murrieta protesting the arrival of three buses of illegal aliens was “appalling and outrageous.” 

Wagner, who hosts Now with Alex Wagner, on Wednesday led off the show saying that the protests were “a shameful moment to be an American to see people treated like that… people seeking a new day in America.”

As reported by IJReview, Murguia went on to tell Wagner that these residents are “extremists” and are acting as “vigilantes.” Moreover, she complained “that they were able to control an outcome, determine an outcome. We have to honor a process. These buses were filled with women and mostly children, children who are escaping violence and gangs in their countries.” Murguia did not address whether the passengers in the buses had honored a process of legal immigration to the United States. 

Wagner added that, “What is also confounding to me, these people apparently are able to dictate deportation policy insofar as 150 anti-immigrant protesters turned the buses around.”


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