BBC Panel 'Bottle Feeding Viewers with Left Wing Propaganda' Says Tory MP

The BBC has come under fire for its political bias as once again it hosts a panel discussion show stacked with left-wing figures.

BBC Three's 'Free Speech' programme, which airs tonight at 8pm from the Birmingham Central Mosque, consists of a panel including Huffington Post Political Editor Mehdi Hasan, Liberal Democrat Party Baroness Susan Kramer, left-wing activist Heydon Prowse, and transgender 'journalist' Paris Lees. The only other person on the panel is Shazia Awan, a centrist ex-Tory candidate who has "now left the Conservatives and is currently politically undecided".

Mehdi Hasan has previously called non-Muslims "people of no intelligence" and "cattle", and was the political editor for the left-wing New Statesman magazine before joining the Huffington Post UK. 

Baroness Kramer has called for a democratic House of Lords, but has hypocritically taken her seat in the chamber anyway. She also campaigned for Britain to lose its nuclear deterrent.

Heydon Prowse is a self-styled comedian, though really a left-wing political campaigner who has crashed various events in the hopes of putting together 'expose' videos. In 2009 his organisation 'Don't Panic Media' crashed a Conservative Future party, and in 2011 crashed the BP Portrait Awards at London's National Gallery, serving crude oil from champagne glasses in an attempt to chastise British Petroleum for the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Prowse tweeted on March 8th 2014: "Can we follow the Egyptian model and ban the Tory brotherhood from running in the next election?"

Paris Lees, a transgender political activist recently tweeted "We like to think we've come a long way and in many ways we have. But don't be fooled, rich white men still run pretty much everything in UK!" Along with, "Get [the Conservative Party] out in 2015!", alongside a link to the Left Foot Forward blog.

Tory MP Aidan Burley told Breitbart London today: "This is another classic example of BBC bias. They say Free Speech is about teaching young people about politics, with this panel they are bottle feeding them left-wing propaganda. 

"The only thing the panel should be discussing is why highly paid BBC Execs think its justifiable to put poor people in prison for not paying their licence fee. The only good news today is that BBC3 is soon being shut down."

But Breitbart London has seen a list of the leading topics for tonight. The questions in order at the time of publication are: 

  • "Is it right to move BBC Three off television screens when it is giving the younger generation a voice that they may not have without the channel?"
  • "Should the government do more to protect FGM victims and prosecute those who carry out this barbaric practice?"
  • "Why are the majority of politicians millionaire middle-aged white males?"
  • "If politicians are so keen to help Britain's debt, why aren't they on minimum wage?"

BBC bias has been widely acknowledged in recent years, with even the corporation's own staff admitting a liberal leaning. In 2008 Andrew Marr, a BBC presenter admitted the organisation had a liberal bias, though argued it was cultural and not party political. 

Recently, BBC presenter John Humphrys criticised the organisation, accusing it of being "broadly liberal" and failing to take into account opposing views.


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