Brick Thrown Through UKIP MEP's Window, Farage Under Threat

UKIP's Gerard Batten MEP has had his home window smashed after a brick was thrown through the glass in his living room late last night, Breitbart London has learned.

The violent attack on the Member of the European Parliament comes after a spate of incidents involving UKIP members, and following increased and hostile media scrutiny on the run up to the European Elections.

It was reported earlier today that Batten awoke in the early hours of last night to suspicious noises from outside of his house. Both he and his wife were woken up at around 3:30am, but following an inspection of the premises, decided to return to bed.

Then, 45 minutes later, another noise was heard, and the Batten's found a brick in their living room which had been thrown through their window.

Batten told Breitbart London that it could not have been a random attack, because two attempts were made to smash through a window, the first at 3.30am and a second more violent attack at 4.15: “At about 3.30 we heard a noise and thought the cat had been something knocked over. But I went downstairs and saw nothing. Then at about 4.30 we heard a terrific bang, came down and found a brick through the window.”

Batten suspects that whoever had set out to attack the house could not smash through the double-glazed window the first time, "that was the first noise we heard," and then went away to find something heavier for a second attempt.

Police were called and arrived within 15 minutes. “There wasn’t much they could do, they just said they would keep their eyes open. But even if police were to catch who did it, with the justice system today, he would just get a fine he couldn’t pay or be given community service he wouldn’t turn up for.”

Police are said to be investigating local CCTV footage, but high profile UKIP members are now on alert following several violent altercations involving 'anti-Fascist' activists. 

Asked how his wife had reacted to the attack, he said: “Nobody likes to be attacked in their own home. You don’t know when they’re coming back.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage issued a statement late this evening which read: "I've just heard the disgraceful news that my colleague Gerard Batten MEP's house was attacked with bricks. The attack on his home is a direct consequence of the media campaign against UKIP."

His comments are not without merit. Earlier this month Labour MP Karl Turner tweeted a picture of a UKIP leaflet wrapped around a brick, and implied that he would post it to UKIP's freepost address.

For weeks the mainstream media, as well as taxpayer-funded, and European Union funded groups have been whipping up hatred towards UKIP and UKIP members. Farage himself has had to 'beef up' his security detail following various attempts to assault him.

It can be exclusively revealed by Breitbart London that Farage's home address is being circulated by anti-UKIP activists. A source close to Farage said, "His two young girls are afraid. They are only in their early teens, I think. This has reached unacceptable levels of violence, and proves that 'anti-fascist campaigners' are simply Left-wing thugs".


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