UKIP Candidate: Catholics Must be Ready to Die for Their Faith

A UKIP candidate has drawn the ire of the Guardian after writing a series of blog posts criticising Islam and calling on Catholics to "know their faith" and "be ready to die for it". John Kearney, who is standing for the party in Basingstoke, was author of the blog Catholic Rights before deciding to shut it down earlier this year to fight his election campaign.

Although his blog focussed mainly on Church doctrine, he also commented on the rise of Islam in the West, criticising the religion and its followers.

In August last year he wrote: "Today we have the rise of Islam and a contempt for human life among a large number of people of that faith. They seek world domination and are more evangelical in their cause than Christians have been in the past 40 years.

"A new word has arisen in Brainwashed Britain – 'Islamaphobia'. This is called an unnatural fear of Islam.

"I do not know about unnatural but I would say that anyone who does not fear Islam is a fool. No, Islam is a religion and the Catholic Church with the Lord on her side is the only countermeasure. But Catholics must know their Faith and they must be ready to die for it."

He also wrote in another post: "The real threat now comes from Militant Islam who persecute the Church and martyr Christians in a way that reminds us of the early Church."

The Guardian has criticised these posts as 'Islamophobic', comparing Kearney's comments to those of another UKIP candidate, Heino Vockrodt, who described Islam as a "totalitarian ideology" which is "against everything modern Britain stands for." The paper yesterday criticised Vockrodt for claiming that "Muslims are grooming children to be sex slaves under the eyes of the authorities, the council does nothing".

Several schools in Birmingham are currently under investigation following an alleged attempt by Islamists to infiltrate and 'evangelise' them, running them according to hard line Islamist principles. Dubbed 'Operation Trojan Horse', the alleged plot involves discrediting and side-lining non-Muslim staff members, hiring new Muslim teachers, and imposing a strict code on the classroom.

Teachers are reported to have segregated students according to gender, discriminated against girls in the classroom, forced girls to wear headscarves and, in one class, even given students homework to convert non-Muslim staff members.

In November 2010, five British Pakistani men from Rotherham were jailed for grooming girls as young as twelve for sex. A subsequent investigation by the Times found that these incidents were far more prevalent among the Pakistani Muslim community than previously thought.

Using evidence from numerous confidential reports that had seen, the paper concluded that police had covered up the nature of the crimes, especially their ethnic and religious nature, for fear of provoking divisions within the community.


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