UK Member of Parliament Admits: I'd Be A Terrorist If I Lived In Gaza

One of Britain's most notoriously anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Members of Parliament has caused controversy again after publicly admitting that he would engage in terrorist activities if he lived in Gaza.

David Ward MP, who is a member of the Liberal Democrat party that forms a coalition government in the UK tweeted earlier on Tuesday: "Ich bin ein - the West must make up its mind - which side is it on?"

This followed a tweet that read: "The big question is - if I lived in would I fire a rocket? - probably yes".

Ward's admission came soon after Breitbart London reported his comments that sought to give rhetorical cover fire to Hamas terrorists in Gaza. It is also not his first time making anti-Israel comments, and he has also been implicated in anti-Semitism in previous years which led to him temporarily losing the Liberal Democrat party whip.

Now critics are calling for Ward to be kicked out of his party, stating that his latest tweets are tantamount to incitement to violence and terrorism. 

Stephen Tall of the LibDemVoice unofficial party blog wrote

David Ward’s defenders will say his tweet is, at worst, a clumsily worded attempt to empathise with the plight of Palestinians. But he must know there are far better ways of empathising than by appearing to condone the murder of Israeli citizens.

He must also know that his words, this empty ratcheting up of the rhetoric, achieve nothing for the cause of peace in the Middle East.

He should apologise, but I doubt he will. If he doesn’t, he’ll leave Nick Clegg with little choice but to withdraw the whip, permanently this time. David’s comment wasn’t an off-the-cuff ad lib in a public meeting, this was a deliberately worded tweet. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion he’s spoiling for a fight, trying to out-Galloway Galloway, the neighbouring Bradford MP.

Labour Party sources have condemned the statements, while Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps said: "Appalling: No MP should tweet what’s essentially incitement to violence. Mr Ward must withdraw now. Completely irresponsible.”

Sources have suggested to Breitbart London that Ward's comments are indeed the last straw, and that the MP will indeed lose the party whip in the immediate future. 

The news echoes the 2004 incident when then LibDem MP Jenny Tonge said she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she lived in Gaza. Tonge resigned her party whip in 2012 when she was exposed making further comments interpreted as inciting violence against the State of Israel.


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