Record Numbers of Immigrants Flood into Spain

More than 1,200 illegal immigrants have entered Spain in the space of just two days after crossing the Mediterranean Sea, in what is believed to be the largest number of migrants to ever reach the country such a short space of time. The huge wave of immigrants comes as Spain tightens security at the borders of its two territories in North Africa.

The BBC reports that since Monday, the Spanish coast guard has rescued 126 dinghies and boats carrying a total of 1,229 migrants who were travelling across the Strait of Gibraltar. On Tuesday, 920 people crossed from Morocco, including 116 women and 26 children, with thousands more left behind in makeshift camps on the North African coast.

There have also been several attempts to scale the border fences of the Spanish territory of Melilla in the past few days. Spanish daily La Razón says that yesterday almost 600 people tried to climb over the fences, while another group of immigrants tried to cross the border at 7.30 am this morning.

So far, most have been thwarted by Spanish and Moroccan border guards, however some remain clinging to the fence, with some Moroccan guards resorting to beating them with sticks.

Last week, a further 750 tried to climb the fence, with around 80 making it across into the Spanish territory.

Melilla and another Spanish territory, Ceuta, are the only parts of the European Union to have a land border with Africa. Once they make it across, EU free movement rules make it difficult to track migrants, making it easy for them to across various European countries.

Many travel north to France, from where they try to cross the the UK. Last week, Breitbart London reported that the situation at the illegal immigrant camp in Calais, just across the sea from Britain, had become so bad that local deputy mayor Philippe Mignonet suggested the border be moved to the English port of Dover so that Britain “understands how difficult the problem is”.


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