Te'o Describes Talking to 'Girlfriend' After She Woke up from Coma

In a clip released by "Katie," Katie Couric's syndicated show that will air the Manti Te'o interview on Thursday, Te'o described speaking to the person he thought was his girlfriend "Lennay Kekua" after the person allegedly got out of a coma. 

According to reports, though, Te'o, unbeknownst to him, was talking to a man who was impersonating a female voice. 

Te'o said he "heard breathing" and "she started to kinda whisper my name." 

According to Te'o's account, "he jumped for joy" after that conversation and said, "she's out. She's talking."

He said after that conversation he was "confident" that his voice was helping "Lennay Kekua" recover from her illness. 

Te'o told Couric he had a "mobile-to-mobile" phone plan and he spoke to Kekua, a person he had not met, because he was raised to "always be there for somebody when they need help."


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