ESPN's Michael Smith: I Laughed at Sergio's Comments, Was Not Offended

ESPN commentator Michael Smith said though he may be in the minority, he laughed when he heard that Sergio Garcia said he would serve Woods "fried chicken" on Tuesday.

"I like chicken," Smith joked on "SportsCenter" on Wednesday, noting that he had a craving for fried chicken after he heard those remarks. 

He did say that Garcia "insulted" his intelligence by claiming he did not know the history behind his remarks. 

Smith said he was not going to let the comments "upset me" and that society needed to stop "giving these type of comments power and credibility" because it is 2013.  

"The more we treat this as a serious issue, the more it sticks around," he said.

He said not everyone actually knows how to fry chicken and he would have asked Garcia if he knew how had he been at Garcia's press conference on Wednesday in which he apologized for his remarks.


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